Dome Arrays (also named metal dome sheets, peel & place metal dome), are pre-loaded polyester dome carriers backed with pressure sensitive adhesive. Arrays come loaded with the metal domes of your choice, cut to the size and shape that you specify. Whether your circuit board is populated with one metal dome or one hundred metal domes, our metal dome arrays help reduce your labor costs by easing the assembly process.

Dome Arrays assemblies have become common practice with many membrane switch/circuit manufacturers who are utilizing them to help take cost out and speed up assembly times. As the operator places one large dome array in one application instead of each dome individually, production time is reduced dramatically. Quality improvements and benefits can also be enjoyed with the reduction in placement errors.

Dome Arrays are also a great way of enhancing the tactile feel of a rubber keypad or simply sticking directly to a pcb with an overlay to create a tactile switch effect.

Dome Arrays can be manufactured as simply as say one or two domes on a polyester backing to large panels which may incorporate a large number of domes in a pattern to suit a custom application. Different size/types of domes can be incorporated into the array design.

Please give us the dimensioned drawing with construction requirements (e.g. size, color, thickness of dome array), along with dome sizes and parameters. We can make it for your requirement.


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