Metal Parts & Accessories Provider

Hung Hing has specialized in manufacturing of metal parts and accessories, which including metal snap dome, metal dome switch, tactile dome arrays, tape and reel click dome, etched metal parts, metal etching speaker mesh, etched metal speaker grille etc. We provide high quality metal parts for a wide variety of manufacturing industries. We are a global supplier to the membrane switch and technology industry. Our full range of metal dome (snap dome) products are widely used in mobile phones, toys, test equipment, flexible circuits, switches and keyboards, domestic appliances and home electronics products etc. We specialize in stainless steel, gold-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated snap domes. Customers can choose special material they need.

About Us

Metal Etching

Our main products are etched metal parts, metal etching speaker mesh, etched metal speaker grille (iron mesh, aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh), speaker net cover mesh, speaker parts and other metal electronic accessories etc. With the integrative operation, consisting of

Metal Domes (Snap Domes)

Metal Dome

Metal Dome (also named snap dome, tactile dome, dome switch, click dome). Our range of metal domes have been developed for use in membrane switch and mechanical switch assemblies. We specialize in stainless steel snap dome and a variety of

Metal Dome Arrays (Dome Sheet)

Dome Array

Dome Arrays (also named metal dome sheets, peel & place metal dome), are pre-loaded polyester dome carriers backed with pressure sensitive adhesive. Arrays come loaded with the metal domes of your choice, cut to the size and shape that you

Tape and Reel Metal Dome

Our Metal Domes (Tactile Dome Switch) can be packaged in tape and reel for use with automated placement equipment & machine. The metal domes are sealed in a socket on a continued tape and packed on a reel, so it