Metal Dome (also named snap dome, tactile dome, dome switch, click dome). Our range of metal domes have been developed for use in membrane switch and mechanical switch assemblies. We specialize in stainless steel snap dome and a variety of plating is available to meet our customer needs including gold-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated snap domes.

Customers can choose special material they need. We use high quality stainless steel material produced in Japan, it can ensure our products have a consistent level of quality.

Our full range of metal snap domes are used into wide range of applications including mobile phones, toys, test equipment, flexible circuits, switches and keyboards, domestic appliances and home electronics products etc. Our Metal Dome Series as below:

Many different shapes (circle, 4-Leg, cross, triangle, oblong) and forces are available in order to fit your specific application. They can be used for electrical contact and tactile-element. If you have a requirement for a special shape, size, force or other parameter we will be pleased to consider and offer you a custom quotation.


Contact configuration: SPST N.O
Switching/working voltage: 0.1 to 50V DC
Switching capacity: 1 Watt
Switching current: 0.005 to 100mA DC
Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
<1 ohm (with plating)
Contact bounce make: <0.3ms
Contact bounce break: <0.6ms
Operation temperature rating: -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C
Storage temperature rating: -55 degrees C to +100 degrees C


(Our products information may be updated. For more updated information, please contact our Sales Department.)